Breastpumps & Accessories
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Haakaa Breastpump Lid
Great for our customers who have more than one pump or are catching their let down while feeding the..
Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump
Forget huge, loud and complicated automatic pumps which cost hundreds and need to be pulled to piece..
Haenim Tumbler Breastpump with Bluetooth System
Keunggulan nya : - Double Pump. - Corong sudah include 3 size. - RECHARGEABLE battery. - Bluetoo..
IQ Baby Manual Breastpump Ergonomics IQ-899 Green
IQ Baby Manual Ergonomics Handle Hijau Breast Pump, pompa ASI manual yang tidak mengandung BPA (BPA ..
Medela b-well Bottle Warmer
Using the B-Well Bottle Warmer, breastmilk and baby food can be gently warmed, whether it has been f..
Medela Base Manual Breastpump
Medela Base Manual Breastpump adalah salah satu Pompa ASI keluaran merek Medela yang dioperasikan de..
Medela Breast Milk Bottle 3x150ml
Every drop counts! When it comes to breastmilk storage; the bottle you choose matters.   ..
Medela Breast Milk Freezing & Storage Bulk Pack 80 ML
Perfect for smaller amounts of pumped breastmilk: measurement in millimeters to 80ml Steri..
Medela Breastmilk Bottles 2x250ml
Prior to first use and once daily Disassemble, wash and rinse all parts. Place parts in a sauc..
Medela Component Connector Swing/Harmony
The Medela 2 Component Connector is a replacement / spare part for the Medela Swing and Harmony brea..
Medela Cup Feeder
Medela Babycup Feeder cangkir khusus yang berguna untuk memberikan ASI pada bayi. Khususnya bagi ..
Medela Harmony Pump & Feed Set
Features: - Efficient, More milk in less time - Ideal for occasional manual pumping - The ergonom..
Medela Harmony with Calma
This manual breast pump is ideal for mothers who only express milk occasionally and do not want to m..
Medela Mini Electric
The Medela mini electric breastpump is the smallest handheld pump available, delivering gentle and e..
Medela Nipple Formers (2pcs)
Medela Nipple Formers are a non-invasive way to help women with inverted or flat nipples breastfeed ..